CGCM Annual Meeting and the First Cambridge TCM Forum

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August 26, 2009
August 28, 2009
Nottingham and Cambridge, UK
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United Kingdom

Consortium for Globalization of Chinese Medicine (CGCM) Annual Meeting

8th Annual Meeting of Consortium for Globalization of Chinese Medicine (CGCM) was held 26th-28th August 2009 in Nottingham University. Dr. Qihe Xu represented GP-TCM and spoke on international collaborations. He made good contacts with Head of National Centre for Complementary & Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) of the NIH, Dr. Josephine Briggs, CGCM Chairman Prof. Yung-Chi Cheng, and Vice President of European Federation of Biotechnology, Prof. Brian Clark.

The First Cambridge TCM Forum

The First Cambridge TCM Forum (in collaboration with CGCM) – Traditional Chinese Medicine in Tomorrow’s World, 28th August 2009. Presided by Dr. Kate Pretty, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (International Strategy) of the University of Cambridge, this highly successful forum attracted ~200 CGCM members, GP-TCM consortium members, UK scientists, clinicians, IP lawyers, investment bankers and drug developers. Guests of honour included 12 Fellows of the Royal Society and Lord Mark Marlesford, representing All Party Parliamentary China Group. During the Gala Dinner in King’s College London, all 4 regions of China were represented on the top-table, symbolising closer collaborations. The subsequent tour to Brunel Institute for Bioengineering and Royal Botanic Gardens Kew completed an enjoyable and productive trip for overseas and UK delegates alike.

GP-TCM WP1 Coordinator Prof. Monique Simmonds (Kew Gardens) giving Hot Topic 1: Authentication and Conservation of species used in TCMGP-TCM WP4 Coordinator Prof. Peter Hylands (King’s College London) giving Plenary Lecture 2: Chemometric, metabolomic and chemoinformatic studies on TCM

Panelists: Prof. Nicky Robinson (Thames Valley), Dr. Jidong Wu (Middlesex), Prof. Alan Barrell (Cambridge), Dr. Vivian Wong (Hong Kong Hospital Authority), Prof. Michael Waring (Cambridge), Prof. Michael Heinrich (London School of Pharmacy) and Dr. Tai-Ping Fan (Cambridge).

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