WP4 Phase I Kick-off Meeting

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October 16, 2009
October 18, 2009
KCL Waterloo Campus, London, UK
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United Kingdom

Phase I WP4 Kick-off meeting was held at the Waterloo Campus of the King’s College London, on 16th – 18th October 2009. This meeting gathered work package members to discuss tasks and deliverables of the WP. The meeting resulted in proposed criteria for literature evaluation, which will be trialled before the phase II meeting (to be held early in 2010). The agenda for the latter meeting will include an evaluation of the critical assessment of the selected articles with the adoption of definitive criteria to be used throughout the next phases of the project, as well as addressing the month 12 deliverables.

WP4 Phase I Kick-off meeting in London

WP4 Phase I Kick-off meeting in London

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