Association flyer, logo and other dissemination info

Please find below the GP-TCM RA flyer, which can be downloaded and circulated to all interested parties for dissemination purposes:



The Association’s logo can be downloaded below for reporting and dissemination purposes:

GP-TCM RA – Logo (in colour)

GP-TCM RA – Logo (in black and white)


In addition, a number of important press release as well as popular press publications have been generated and made available to the public for the official launch of the GP-TCM RA, which can be found via the following sources:

In Chinese:

  • Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences

  • Shanghai Administration Bureau of NGOs

  • Other

  • Phoenix TV news: The GP-TCM RA official launch ceremony (16th April 2012, the Netherlands) (in Chinese)


In English:

  • The GP-TCM Association homepage

  • King’s College London

  • Healthcanal

  • AsianScientist


In German:

  • University of Graz

  • Austrian Press Agency

  • Österreich Journal!2012/0412/W3/51704uniGraz.htm

  • Kleine Zeitung

In French:

  • Université Libre de Bruxelles


In Russian:

  • St. Petersburg Institute of Pharmacy

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