WP2 – Extraction and Component Analysis of CHM


Once we have obtained CHM with a guaranteed quality, we may have to extract and purify them for functional genomics studies. This step is indispensable to functional genomics techniques such as in vitro DNA finger-typing, microarray, activity assay, HPLC analysis and purification. If herbal drugs are to be given to animals or patients, of course, most commonly extracts but not crude herbs are used. As there are a lot of extraction and purification protocols that might lead to fundamental changes of components and function of extracts, it is crucial to inform European scientists to observe a good practice for herbal extraction and purification, which will be discussed in WP2, to maximise the opportunities for success in studies of CHM. Within this process we will need to be aware of the complex and multidimensional aspects of CHM and create protocols that do not simply identify one active …more