WP5 – Pharmacology in vivo


Promising herbal medicine candidates eventually need to be tested in vivo. In WP5, the pharmacology of CHM in animal models and will be discussed. Furthermore, another potential application of functional genomics in TCM is to use it to interpret the therapeutic values of the herbal medicines objectively. All these will significantly promote the understanding of TCM. Drugs have to be first tested in animal models before moving on to clinical trials.
In animal studies of CHM, the above questions may also apply, but it might be more difficult, since the diagnosis of the “syndrome” in the TCM way may be difficult to establish however we wish to discuss if there are some simple models that will allow us to investigate these …more

WP5 Kick-off Meeting

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The Kick-off Meeting of WP5 was held in Spain on 1st-3rd June …more

WP5 Kick-off Meeting

The Kick-off Meeting of WP5 was successfully held in the historic Old Campus of University of Alcala (15th century) in Spain on 1st-3rd June 2009. 10 WP5 members attended the …more