WP7 – Commercial R&D


Probably, given that most CHM were developed in a different medical theoretical system in China, the approved herbal drugs currently used in China will need further R&D before they can be safely used in the EU member states. For pharmaceutical companies in both China and EU Member States developing new herbal medicines, what industrial and legal criteria should be observed so that their products will be approvable in both Continents? WP7 will investigate if functional genomics may provide an additional and efficient component of the approval procedures of CHM for the EU …more

CGCM Annual Meeting and the First Cambridge TCM Forum

Prof. Hylands at 1st Cambridge TCM Forum sq

8th CGCM Annual Meeting was held on 26th-28th August 2009 in Nottingham …more

WP7 Phase I Kick-off Meeting

WP7 Kick-off meeting (Phase I) was held on 30th August-1st September 2009 at Brunel University, West London, UK. It was attended by Kelvin Chan, Tai-Ping Fan, Derek Fisher, Svetlana Ignatova, …more