WP7 – Commercial R&D

Probably, given that most CHM were developed in a different medical theoretical system in China, the approved herbal drugs currently used in China will need further R&D before they can be safely used in the EU member states. For pharmaceutical companies in both China and EU Member States developing new herbal medicines, what industrial and legal criteria should be observed so that their products will be approvable in both Continents? WP7 will investigate if functional genomics may provide an additional and efficient component of the approval procedures of CHM for the EU …more

GP-TCM Special Issue - web - sq

The GP-TCM J. Ethnopharmacol. Special Issue

The GP-TCM J. Ethnopharmacol. Special Issue published and made …more

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The 2nd GP-TCM Annual Meeting

The 2nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the GP-TCM consortium took place in Braga on 21st – 24th July 2011. The meeting gathered more than 50 beneficiary as well as …more


Genesis Conference – Botanicals/Natural Products Stream

Genesis is reputed to be the leading biotechnology networking event in …more

WP4 - WP7 joint meeting

WP4 and WP7 Joint Phase II Meeting

The joint phase II meeting of WP4 and WP7 was held on 26th – 27th July 2010 at Kings College London, Waterloo Campus, UK. Number of WP4 and WP7 members …more