Halil Uzuner (huzuner)

GP-TCM Consortium Newsletter: April 2010 issue


GP-TCM celebrates its First Anniversary on 1st May …more

Application for CGCM membership


The Consortium has submitted an application for CGCM …more

Consortium Newsletter: February 2010 issue


(English) This issue celebrates the Year of the Tiger and Lantern …more

Consortium Newsletter: December 2009 – January 2010 issue


(English) TEST-GP application submitted on the 22nd December …more

Consortium Newsletter: October 2009 issue


(English) The Chinese National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival Special …more

Consortium Newsletter: September 2009 issue

Cambridge Forum_90

(English) The First Cambridge TCM Forum (in collaboration with CGCM) – Traditional Chinese Medicine in Tomorrow’s World, 28 August …more

Consortium Newsletter: August 2009 issue


(English) Latest consoritum news and TCM drug development …more

Consortium Newsletter: July 2009 issue


(English) Personalised medicine and TCM, a virtuous …more

Consortium Newsletter: October 2007 – June 2008 issues

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CGCM Annual Meeting and the First Cambridge TCM Forum

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