WP6 – Pharmacology in clinical studies


In WP6, the pharmacology of CHM in patients will be discussed. In patients, diagnoses using the TCM system and Western Medicine are very different. Is it possible to interpret the individualised TCM diagnosis of “Zhenghou” (“syndromes”) with the same or similar diseases in Western medicine through different patterns of functional genomics in the blood, urine and mucous secretions? If this is the case we will not only find a scientific explanation for TCM diagnosis but also find a potential way to make the TCM diagnosis more …more

The 2nd GP-TCM Annual Meeting

University of Minho - sq

The 2nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the GP-TCM consortium took place in Braga on 21st – 24th July 2011. The meeting gathered more than 50 beneficiary as well as …more

TCM Acupuncture & Herbal Practitioners survey


Electronic survey to help to inform about training, practice and common conditions treated by TCM …more

1st Plant Lists Teleconference


1st Plant Lists Discussion Teleconference was held on 18th February …more

WP6 Phase I Kick-off Meeting

WP6 meeting photo sq

The Phase I Kick-off Meeting of WP6 was held on 8th-9th October 2009 in Ascot, …more

WP6 Phase I Kick-off Meeting

The Phase I Kick-off Meeting of WP6 was held successfully on 8th-9th October 2009 at Royal Berkshire Hotel, Ascot, London, UK. It was organized by Prof. Kenneth Muir and Dr. …more