The 1st Plant Lists Discussion Teleconference was held on 18th February 2010. The meeting was attended by Kelvin Chan, Pierre Duez, Javier Lucio-Cazaña, Kenneth Muir, Jandirk Sendker, Debbie Shaw, Monique Simmonds (chair), Halil Uzuner (host), and Rob Verpoorte. The teleconference aimed to gather key GP-TCM members, whom are working towards producing plant lists in their WPs, with an attempt to agree on how to coordinate the different lists of species of plants being generated by various WPs within the consortium. Plant lists discussed during the meeting included “WP1 Priority Plants list” (by Monique Simmonds), “Commonly Used Chinese Herbs and Formula in the UK” and “Top 15 CMM & PCM sold in EU” (by Kelvin Chan), and WP3 – lists of plants (by Pierre Duez). Each plant list was summarised and discussed by the attendees, and further collaboration between various WPs have been agreed. The group has also agreed to produce a joint journal paper to be published at the Journal of Ethnopharmacology (coordinated by Monique Simmonds). Currently, a follow-up teleconference is being scheduled to be held in April 2010. Please contact Halil Uzuner for further details ([email protected]).

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