The overall objective of WP8 is to optimise and standardise acupuncture protocols and discuss the application of the functional genomics approach to examine the efficacy of acupuncture and moxibustion for the treatment of common diseases in the EU countries, and to understand and interpret the nature of acupoints. Several specific objectives of the work package can be outlined as follows:

  • Establish a communication and collaboration platform to evaluate the current status of acupuncture research and practice in both China and EU
  • Define prioritised research areas or topic in acupuncture that are appropriate for conducting functional genomic studies
  • Achieve general agreement or common standard for acupuncture protocols and effect determinations
  • Focus future research strategies within appropriate areas for functional genomics.
WP8 Members:
Beneficiary members

Prof. Xiao-Min Wang (WP8 Co-Coordinator, Capital Medical University, China)

Prof. Nicola Robinson (WP8 Co-Coordinator, London South Bank University, UK)

Prof. Huangan Wu (WP8 Deputy Coordinator, Shanghai Research Institute of Acupuncture – Moxibustion and Meridians, China)

Prof. Wei Ding (WP8, Assistant Coordinator, China Capital Medical University, China)

Prof. George Lewith (University of Southampton, UK)

Ms. Dan Jiang (Doctor of TCM, UK)

Prof. Peter Hylands (King’s College London, UK)

Dr. Jun Jia (Capital Medical University, China)

Non-beneficiary members

Prof. Quan Min Zhu (University of the West England, UK)

Prof. Linpeng Wang (China Capital Medical University, China)

Prof. Wolfgang Schwarz (Max Planck Institute for Biophysics, Germany)

Dr. Daqing Ma (Imperial College London, UK)

Prof. Claudia M. Witt (Charité University Medical Center, Germany)

Prof. Giovanna M. Franconi (CTO Hospital and Tor Vergata University, Italy)

Dr. Luigi Manni (Institute of Neurobiology and Molecular Medicine, Italian National Research Council (CNR), Italy)

Prof. Elisabet Stener-Victorin (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)

Dr. Iosif Mezei (Transylvanian Association of Integrated Quantum Medicine, Romania)

Mr. Mark Bovey (British Acupuncture Council, UK)

Prof. Henry J. Greten (Heidelberg School of Chinese Medicine, Germany)

Prof. Vivian Wong (University of Hong Kong, China)

Dr. Karen Pilkington (the University of Westminster, UK)

Dr. Kah Tong Seow (Wei Medicine, Germany)

Prof. Gerhard Litscher (Medical University of Graz, Austria)

Dr. Eric Ziea (Hospital Authority of Hong Kong, China)

Dr. Xing Liao (China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, China)

Dr. Christine Nardini (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

WP8 Contact:

Prof. Wei Ding

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

China Capital Medical University

10 Youanmen wai Xitoutiao

Beijing 100069


Tel: +86 10 8391 1472 (ext.: 801)

E-mail: [email protected]

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