Dear GP-TCM Members,

You can now use the project website to submit news items that you would like to get published at the GP-TCM Monthly Newsletter. Please note that the items submitted this way will be internally reviewed by the Newsletter Co-editors Dr. Tai-Ping Fan ([email protected]) and Dr. Hani El-Nezami ([email protected]) before publication for correctness.

Please follow the instructions below to submit a new newsletter item:

  • Following your login to the website as a member, click on the “Post” option at the right menu.
  • Now you are at the “Edit Posts” page. You will notice that the left menu lists options such as Posts, documents, comments etc. At Posts option, click on the “Add New” option. This will take you to “Add New Post” page. Here, you will be able to enter the details of your news item.
  • First enter the title of the news i.e. WP10 Kick-Off Meeting in Beijing. Then, use the text editing area below the title section to enter the main body of your news item. The editing toolbar provided in this section is very similar to the toolbar of Office Word Processor. If you have any questions regarding the use of this toolbar, please contact your WP website representative (please see below for the full list), or alternatively to the Project Manager ([email protected]). Please note that you can enter your news items in two languages, namely in English and in Chinese Mandarin. To achieve this, you will need to enter your news title in both languages in the sections provided i.e. title(English) and Title (中文). You will need to enter the text body in two languages too. This can be done by choosing English or 中文 options given below the title area. The default language will be English. Hence, if you do not want to add any content in Chinese, you do not need to do anything extra. For items, where you want to enter both English and Chinese versions, please make sure you choose the correct options when entering the text.
  • It is possible to add images/photo/files to your news item. This can be done by using the editing toolbar above the text-entry area. Click one of the available options by the “Upload/Insert” area, which includes add an image, add video, add audio, add media. Once you have chosen your preferred option, please follow on-screen instructions to upload your image, file etc.
  • If your news item is a GP-TCM related event such as WP meeting, teleconference etc please click yes at the “events calendar section” to make it appear at the events calendar page http://project.gp-tcm.org/events/. Choosing yes at this area will give you option to add additional information regarding the event such as the venue, start date, end date etc.
  • Please do not enter any text to the “excerpt” section and leave Wiki options un-ticked.
  • Once the text body is ready, you will now need to enter the category of the item. Since the item you are entering is a news item, please only click “Newsletter submission” category on the right menu, below the categories option. Please do not forget to do this step since avoiding it will prevent you submitting your news item correctly.
  • At the right menu, you will see a section, where you can add tags to identify the type of news you are adding, which will help our Newsletter Co-Editors to easily classify your news item for publication. Please click on the “Choose from the most used tags in Post Tags”, which will allow you to choose previously added tags. Although you will see many tags listed at this section, we strongly advise you to use one of the following tags to help us identify the type of your news item:
    • Newsletter item – General news
    • Newsletter item – Consortium events
    • Newsletter item – Forthcoming GP-TCM and non-GP-TCM Meetings
    • Newsletter item – Calls for conferences/journals
    • Newsletter item – new members/appointments/labour division
    • Newsletter item – Suggested reading
    • Once the news item is tagged, it is now ready for submission. Please use the Publish button on the right menu. This will save your entry and will notify the Newsletter Co-Editors of your submission. Once reviewed, the Newsletter Co-Editors might contact you for some amendments/updates. Please note that the item will not be published until the requested changes are completed by the author.

Thank you for reading this guide and we look forward to receiving your news items!

Please see below for the list of Website Work Package (WP) Representatives, who will be able to assist you with your general website related enquiries including newsletter submissions:

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